One day in 2011, I woke up to a startling and painful realization while I laid there wondering how I’d gotten so far away from the fit guy I was in college. I was tired all the time, not sleeping well, in the worst shape of my life, both a physically and emotionally. That day I woke up and never looked back! Fitness became my determined passion and I would make it happen no matter what. Over the course of the next 6 months, I transitioned from an out of shape 215 pounds to a much leaner, healthier 175 pounds. I was healthier, had more energy, slept better and felt amazing. But that was just the beginning of my journey.

Fitness Journey

Now I’m turning that passion and years of fitness and nutrition experience around. I’ve realized that I truly love helping others reach their fitness and health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or both, I can help you reach your ideal physique with nutrition and exercise plans customized to your specific lifestyle and goals.

Learn more about me and follow my personal progress on Instagram @painfullystronger.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a dream, it’s a lifestyle to be pursued one step at a time!

let’s get started

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